Welcome to Smålands Nation!
Welcome to Smålands Nation, the socialist, feminist, vegan and anti-racist nation. Everything you need to know about our nation you will find on this webpage.
If you have any questions or just want to have a cup of coffee with us, come to expen (our office).

Our opening hours are as follows:
Mon + Wed - Fri: 12-15 Tue: 16-19.

(In September and February they are extended, 12-17 and 14-19)

You can also join our facebook group by clicking here.
Comrades, we are closing the Smålands office for this semester! We will continue to work until the end of June and you are able to contact us on facebook or via our email during the summer! Thanks for a great semester and see you mid-August again!
Statement from Smålands nation board
Statement from Smålands nation board: Recently, both Lundagård and Sydsvenskan have written about Smålands Nation, on alleged conflicts in the nation and the state of our activities. The overall picture portrayed in the articles is that Smålands is about to collapse. We, the members of Smålands nation board, of course think that it's great that so many people care about how we are doing but we are sad that the image that is brought forward is sometimes misleading, biased and at times completely wrong. The different articles put great focus on conflicts that took place several years ago that are now completely obsolete. They report inaccurate membership figures for the nation and write in a misleading way about the membership development over time. In reality, Smålands active members continue to organize successful clubs, sharp political events and alternative culture from below with as much energy as ever. If you want to see what really goes on at Smålands you are welcome to come by at some of our events. Why not visit Red Note, our ever-crowded jazzpub? Or our salsa clubs, one of our live music events, or AcroYoga, dance classes, sports events, vegan brunch café on Sundays, or any other of the many, many things happening in Smålands? Come by during the 12th to 21st of May, when we are as usual organizing the cultural political week (Kulturpolitiska Veckan) with lectures, workshops, cultural events and clubs on a daily basis. There you can see that Lund’s only socialist student nation is very much alive!
Do you want to work at Smålands?
Do you want to become active at Smålands nation? It's really easy and there are a lot of activities to chose from. You can cook food for our club nights or for our café, work in the pub or help arrange clubs. Drop by at our expedition and have a cup of coffee with the ombudsmen of the nation, they can answer your questions and help you out.
Important information about Smålands, Studentlund and the student card
During the spring semester we've had some visitors to our office who has had problems with Studentlund. For this reason we thought we should clarify how you join Smålands nation. Smålands is not a part of Studentlund and because of this it is not possible to join us through their portal. If you want to join Smålands you should not register through Studentlund. Instead you should come to our reception. If you've already registered through Studentlund you should not pay the bill, contact us instead to get a correct bill.

We have also had several students telling us that they have been informed by Studentlund or by their Student Union that unless they join they are not entitled to any student discounts. This is not true. Students who are members of Smålands instead of Studentlund get the same student card and are entitled to the same student discounts at Skånetrafiken etc. as students who are members of Studentlund.
Questions regarding the site? Contact the webmaster.
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