Welcome to Smålands Nation!
Welcome to Smålands Nation, the socialist, feminist, vegan and anti-racist nation. Everything you need to know about our nation you will find on this webpage.
If you have any questions or just want to have a cup of coffee with us, come to expen (our office).

Our opening hours are as follows:
Mon + Wed - Fri: 12-15 Tue: 16-19.

(In September and February they are extended, 12-17 and 14-19)

You can also join our facebook group by clicking here.

§1 Meeting opens of a self-elected chairperson
a) Election of:
- Meetings chairperson
- Meetings secretary
- Meeting facilitator
- Election responsible
- Interpreter
b) Information about meeting formalities
c) Meetings legality
d) Adjunctions
e) Presentation round
f) Fixing the list’s order
§3 Reports
§4 Economy
§5 Election (see attached candidate list)
§7 Other (no decision can be taken at this point)
§8 Messages
§9 Closure of meeting

Preliminär kandidatlista:

Anna Alsmark – Suppleant, SNB

Bengt Månsson – Suppleant, SNB

Anton Lind – Suppleant, SNB

Andreas Malm – Inspektor

Definitiva Kanditatlistan

Carl Gustaf Jönsson – Ordinarie

Anton Lind – Ordinarie Suppleant

Andreas Malm - Inspektor
Search for Smålands Scholarships!
Now the time has come to apply for university scholarships, both specific Smålands scholarships and others! Last day to apply is Feb 28th!

Here are the links:

Good luck!
Do you want to work at Smålands?
Do you want to become active at Smålands nation? It's really easy and there are a lot of activities to chose from. You can cook food for our club nights or for our café, work in the pub or help arrange clubs. Drop by at our expedition and have a cup of coffee with the ombudsmen of the nation, they can answer your questions and help you out.
Important information about Smålands, Studentlund and the student card
During the spring semester we've had some visitors to our office who has had problems with Studentlund. For this reason we thought we should clarify how you join Smålands nation. Smålands is not a part of Studentlund and because of this it is not possible to join us through their portal. If you want to join Smålands you should not register through Studentlund. Instead you should come to our reception. If you've already registered through Studentlund you should not pay the bill, contact us instead to get a correct bill.

We have also had several students telling us that they have been informed by Studentlund or by their Student Union that unless they join they are not entitled to any student discounts. This is not true. Students who are members of Smålands instead of Studentlund get the same student card and are entitled to the same student discounts at Skånetrafiken etc. as students who are members of Studentlund.
Call for the next Nationmeeting 06.02.2017 6PM
The next and first nation meeting of this semester is on the 6th of February, as usual the first Monday of the month at 6PM at Smålands! It's our highest decision making organ. Besides several elections we also decide on this years budget! All members are welcome!

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