Welcome to Smålands Nation!
Welcome to Smålands Nation, the socialist, feminist, vegan and anti-racist nation. Everything you need to know about our nation you will find on this webpage.
If you have any questions or just want to have a cup of coffee with us, come to expen (our office).

Our opening hours are as follows:
Mon-Wed + Fri: 12-15 Thur: 16-19.

(In September and February they are extended, 12-17 and 14-19)

You can also join our facebook group by clicking here.
Post announcements for nation meeting 3/10
Ahead of our nation meeting that will take place on the 3rd of October, here's a list of all available elected positions! Get in touch with our election committee or email us at if you're interested in becoming elected.
Postutlysning okt.pdf
University scholarships out now!
The Lund University scholarship list for this semester has been published! We encourage our members to apply to those relating to Smålands Nation! Deadline is the 5th of October! You can find them here:
Temporary break for clubs and pubs due to constructions for fire safety!
For the next 10 days, there will be no pubs or clubs at Smålands Nation since our space is undergoing construction for fire safety! Smaller events and meetings such as Ronja's feminist café take place as usual! Welcome back to Smålands pub re-opening with the legendary Red Note Jazz Club on Wednesday 5th of October!
Call for the Smålands Nationmeeting: Monday, 5th of September 6PM at Smålands Nation.
§1 Meeting opens of a self-elected chairperson
a) Election of:
- Meetings chairperson
- Meetings secretary
- Meeting facilitator
- Election responsible
- Interpreter
b) Information about meeting formalities
c) Meetings legality
d) Adjunctions
e) Presentation round
f) Fixing the list’s order
§3 Reports
§4 Economy
§5 Election (see attached candidate list)
§6 Budget
§7 Other (no decision can be taken at this point)
§8 Messages
§9 Closure of meeting
Smålands opens for fall semester!
The expedition is open again, starting August 29th! From the 29th and through September the expedition has extended opening hours, so get here and sign up as a member! The expedition is open 12-17 Monday-Wednesday and Friday, and 14-19 Thursday.

Our acitivities are just about to begin, and our schedule is stacked. Check out the facebook event for our novisch activities here:

Comradely greetings,
The expedition
All students at LU are welcome to Smålands
All students at Lund University can visit Smålands' clubs and events - regardless of nation membership. If you haven't gotten your student card yet ask your nation to print out a payment certificate. With this certificate you can get in to all our clubs untill you get your student card.

But the best part is..

that all Smålands members may enter for half price all night at our clubs with entrance fee.
Do you want to work at Smålands?
Do you want to become active at Smålands nation? It's really easy and there are a lot of activities to chose from. You can cook food for our club nights or for our café, work in the pub or help arrange clubs. Drop by at our expedition and have a cup of coffee with the ombudsmen of the nation, they can answer your questions and help you out.
Important information about Smålands, Studentlund and the student card
During the spring semester we've had some visitors to our office who has had problems with Studentlund. For this reason we thought we should clarify how you join Smålands nation. Smålands is not a part of Studentlund and because of this it is not possible to join us through their portal. If you want to join Smålands you should not register through Studentlund. Instead you should come to our reception. If you've already registered through Studentlund you should not pay the bill, contact us instead to get a correct bill.

We have also had several students telling us that they have been informed by Studentlund or by their Student Union that unless they join they are not entitled to any student discounts. This is not true. Students who are members of Smålands instead of Studentlund get the same student card and are entitled to the same student discounts at Skånetrafiken etc. as students who are members of Studentlund.
Guest passes!
We're selling guest passes for all of you students from other universities all around the world that just have to get in to our crazy clubs... or for your visiting friends.

Come by the office during business hours and bring your valid student id from home.. for 40SEK you'll get a guest pass that gives you the right to visit our clubs.
Tuesday27 september
19:00  Bi-visibility Day at Ronja!
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Questions regarding the site? Contact the webmaster.
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